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School Completion Programme



We are very lucky to have the supports and resources of The School Completion Programme in our school.

This is  a targeted programme of support for children in both primary and post primary school.  Our SCP programme aims to provide support to students in a variety of different ways both during  and after the school day.

The S.C.P. team is :

Co-ordinator  :     Alanna O Donovan

Project worker :  Chanice Quinn 

Project Worker :  Stephanie Walsh

The S.C.P.  offers a variety of support programmes via  whole class engagement/ small groups / one to one work

Friends For Life                                                                   Working Things Out

Roots Of Empathy                                                  Rainbows Programme

Mind Up Programme                                                    Weaving Wellbeing

Mentoring For Achievement Programme (MAP)                

Transition Programme From Primary To Secondary School

 Afterschool sports clubs.

They  also offer homework clubs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays which  provide a support to complete homework  with a play activity afterwards. This  also includes the opportunity to go to Easter and summer camps .

The S.C.P can be contacted via the  emails above and are also on Facebook & Instagram .

This is a link to  the S.C.P.  padlet which is full of great supports and  activities  for students.




  Family Liaison Teacher - Lisa Sheehy

We are very fortunate to share a Family Liaison Teacher with the other four Primary schools. Lisa Sheehy spends every Tuesday in The Monastery and assists and supports children and their parents  in successfully engaging with school . She liaises with external agencies and local support networks on behalf of the school. 

If you require any assistance   during the current school closure   Lisa may be contacted  via the school office  062-52656 .


                                                                   School Attendance

Excellent attendance at school is important to allow children to be the best they can be and aim for a bright future.

Why it is so important to attend school:

Let’s make every school day count.

  • To learn.
  • To have fun.
  • To make new friends.
  • To experience new things in life.
  • To learn about differences, people and culture.
  • To be part of the community.
  • To spend time with friends.To be part of a team.
  • To develop new skills.To build confidence and self-esteem.
  • To have the best possible start in life.

Key Point

Children who go to school regularly are more likely to make friends, to do well in school and be involved in their community.  smiley

Whilst not ideal getting your child into school late is ALWAYS better than not having them in at all.


**Please don’t send them to school if unwell especially in current circumstances.**



                                                                              EAL (English as an Additional Language)

We are fortunate to have shared access to an EAL teacher in the school. Ms Jo Browne works with our pupils for whom English is an additional language to support them in their language development .