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Department of Education and Science

The Department of Education & Skills is a Department of the Irish State with the responsibility for education and training.
The Department of Education and Skills is a department of the Irish state with responsibility for education and training. - See more at:


Scoilnet supports Primary and Post-Primary teachers in sharing and finding useful resources for the classroom.


This collection of free English learning resources is designed to help you study whatever aspect of conversational English is most interesting or important to you at the moment.

National Parents Committee

The NPC exists to ensure that all parents are supported and empowered to become effective partners in their children's education.


Please visit the N.C.C.A. website, (National Council of Curriculum and Assessment) for useful tips on how you can support your child's learning in St. Kevin's.



The NCSE ( National Council for Special Education ) have produced a  a suite of videos below with advice on how best to support your child with learning at home, movement breaks, managing behaviour and other topics.

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