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"The Bubble Show" with Scientific Sue - Oct.17th


Code Week: Oct. 5th - 20th 


Science Week: Nov. 10th - 17th 


Check out our award winning DVD, detailing that pivotal event in modern Irish history, the ambush at Solohead Beg, on the outskirts of Tipperary Town CLICK HERE


Mid-Term Break: Closing Friday 25th October 2019 - School re-opens 4th November 2019


Parent/Teacher Meetings: Wednesday & Thursday 20th & 21st November



Discover Primary Science Award

The School achieved a Science Foundation Ireland Discover Primary Science and Maths Award for the 2016-17 year. This was earned following a submission of a log of evidence of a huge variety of work by students and teachers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Trips to Discover Science centres,inviting Science visitors to the school and Maths and Science Week events also counted. Staff completed three sessions of CPD in science during Croke Park hours . This award is renewable every year and so our budding Einsteins are  we looking forward to more exciting science work next year.


Work is progressing on all fronts as we move towards our goal of achieving our 5th Green Flag, the theme of which is Biodiversity!



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