The draw has been made and the following are the winners in each room.

Room 7 Ms Mc Grath -Mason O Connell

Room 1 Ms Mulcahy- Charlie Considine

Room 3 Mr Hennessy - Tanner Suhanovs

Room 5 Ms Farrell-Mark Duggan

Room 6 Ms Long Cormac Brogan

Room 5  Mr Wade -Conor O Dwyer

Room 12 Ms O Mahony- Conor Kelly

Room 2 Mr Reale- Jack O Keeffe

The EASTER BUNNY has agreed to mind  the eggs until we return!!!


LETTER FROM MRS. DONOVAN   TO ALL PARENTS - PLEASE CLICK TO READ                                                                        



Hi all, your class teacher will add some work for you to keep the brains ticking over for the moment. Please remember to attempt all activities and do your best at all times. Click on your class and best of luck!


Mr. Reale - 6th Class 

Ms. O'Mahony - 5th/6th Class

Mr. Wade - 5th Class

Ms. Long - 4th/5th Class

Ms. Farrell - 4th Class

Mr. Hennessy - 3rd Class

Ms. McCarthy - 2nd/3rd Class

Ms. McGrath - 2nd Class




Discover Primary Science Award

The School achieved a Science Foundation Ireland Discover Primary Science and Maths Award for the 2016-17 year. This was earned following a submission of a log of evidence of a huge variety of work by students and teachers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Trips to Discover Science centres,inviting Science visitors to the school and Maths and Science Week events also counted. Staff completed three sessions of CPD in science during Croke Park hours . This award is renewable every year and so our budding Einsteins are  we looking forward to more exciting science work next year.


Student Council 2018/2019

Nominations, campaigns and elections took place recently and our new Student Council members have been appointed. This group will have regular opportunities to represent and voice the ideas and suggestions of all students in relation to various aspects of school life. They will also play a significant role in organising and helping with many school activities and events during the year. We look forward to working closely with our new Student Council.

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